Ring True

Sustain, Friday November 17th, for Ring True. A one night exhibition of performance art curated by Luis Mejico. 

Ring True is a look back at feminist performance artists that have exhibited radical force in their practices. For this one-night event, the works of these artists will be reperformed by femme artists of today, as a means of honoring and remembering their work, while also understanding what their legacy opened the door to. The performers will include not only women, but also trans and non-binary peoples, as a means of recontextualizing and building upon the works.

“Why is femininity so often equated to softness? Is there not an inherent force, a power, a roughness in texture to the way feminine bodies withstand pain, scrutiny, and ridicule? Don’t feminine bodies deserve recognition for the way they remain stalwart when faced with a world unwelcoming, that treats them as things to be coddled and loved, rather than taken seriously? There is a radical strength within vulnerability. A power and force propelled by allowing oneself
to be susceptible that incites revolt towards oppression.” 

These works all present what it means to be a woman - cis, trans, or nonbinary, the feminine experience can be defined as existing in radical opposition to that of the patriarchal male. The works invite audiences to interrogate their own participation in the continued oppression of women, as the reperformed works lose no potency or impact 20 or 30 years after their first iteration..

Featured artists: 

Frida Fitter, Kevi Montgomery, Celia Calder,Kevin Whitenier, J Slater and Kiam Junio, Luis Mejico.